Daisy RidleyがGood Morning Americaに出演

Daisy Ridley が今週末アメリカで公開の映画「Ophelia」のプロモーションでGood Morning Americaに出演しました。

映画の内容は特に話していませんが、Keri Russellが台本を読んで泣いたという発言をしていたとの質問で、彼女もいくつかのシーンは感動的だったと言っています。ジョン・ボイエガとオスカー・アイザックとのハグ写真についてはジョンが撮影終了後に彼女が撮影終了を迎えたことを明かし、この写真の場所で人々の前で泣きながらスピーチしたようです(何を言ったかは覚えてないようですが)。またJ.J.エイブラムスがトレイラーを見せてくれた時にその他にいくつかのシーンを見せてもらったそうです。そして今までの3部作の中でもっとも興奮したそうです。


詳しい会話はStar Wars News Netが会話を書き起こしてくれていたので載せておきます。

Good Morning America: But we can’t have you here and not talk about Star Wars – only 177 days away but who’s counting until the world sees The Rise of Skywalker. Keri Russell said the script made her cry, what’s your reaction or what was your reaction to the script?

DAISY: The thing that was really amazing is – a lot of the crew did all three films, so it was really emotional anyway, but there were a few scenes that we did where everyone was really moved. And you a lot of the time the crew are doing their jobs, so it’s not like such an emotional thing – it’s like more technical and – but it was, some bits are – and a lot of it is – really moving. I found it very emotional. Yeah, finishing I was – yes…

GMA: Look, now you – we have to wait that long to see it? John Boyega posted a picture of him, you and Oscar Issac, what was it like the final days of shooting on the film?

DAISY: Well John wrapped, so I was like already hysterically crying. And then I wrapped, and I did a speech and I cannot remember what I said. I kept going “I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry” the whole crew was there – it was like embarrassing, and obviously people recorded it and I still can’t tell you what I said. I was like “I just had the best time in like my whole life” I’m really excited to see it.

GMA: You have not seen a cut of the film.

DAISY: No, J.J. has shown me a couple bits, which was very exciting. When we went in to go see the trailer he showed me a few bits. It feels – I don’t know, I don’t know if it’s cause I’ve done more now like it’s always really hard to watch yourself, but this time I feel – It’s the most excited I’ve felt.

GMA: Episode IX is the combination of the Star Wars universe so far, but do you think we’ll see Rey pop up after this latest addition?

DAISY: I mean, who can tell? What I would say is that I think it’s a brilliant end to the story. And like J.J. and Chris, who wrote it as well, have done an incredible job of like wrapping up, because there are so many references, obviously, to the nine films. Um, but also exists in its own thing. So, I think people are going to feel very satisfied.

SOURCE:Star Wars News Net